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08 | 05 | 2023

The house is located in Torredonjimeno town (Jaén). The extensive program and the bright and spacious interior spacesthat were demandedby the property, condition a house organized in intermediate levels, which make it possible to make the most of the plot measurements to fit the program and reduce the distances between spaces, joyning them with galleries and stairs that overlook the openings at different heights where light is filtered through from both facades and roof skylights.

The house has two main outdoor spaces. One of them is the interior patio where an infinity pool is located at the ground floor level, in direct relation to the living room and kitchen area through large windows, and another at the attic level in direct relation to the gym area, where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Torredonjimeno town.

Both the house curved roofs of and facades are resolved with combination of gray and white brick, generating lattices that allow filtering the light and obtaining a house that contrast with the surrounding ones.

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