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Located in a central area of Mancha Real town, a reform and extension of the existing house is proposed. The client's program proposed an interior redistribution, eliminating partitions and generating larger openings to create open and bright spaces. It included a pool in the inner patio and a new dressing room attached to the master bedroom on the first floor..

The most outstanding resulting space of the house corresponds to the back elevation and inner patio, where the large open-plan living-kitchen-dining room opens. This new elevation takes as a reference the existing living room body with a curved corner to create the rest of the flights and new bodies that are added to the house. Inside, the large flared skylight stands out, which replaced the existing one on the stairs, providing lighting and ventilation to this central area

The main facade also have important changes, giving it a contemporary and minimalist character with the incorporation of planters and a large gray plinth up to the lintels of the ground floor openings.