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Located in Vilches town, the house is developed on the corner of a large block. The location of most of the program at the ground floor level and the need for a free space closely related to the home that the owners demanded, condition its formalization.

Both the built volume, the plot walls and inner patio are designed with a single rule, based on a coiling of the house around that inner patio and which contains a swimming pool, solarium and living area, prioritizing privacy from outside. This fact is appreciable mainly from the urban space, observing a sculptural, introverted and dynamic volume with only two openings in contact with the public road: the pedestrian plot door and the garage door..

The day area and master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom are located on the ground floor, in direct contact with the inner patio through large windows. The rest of the program, which consisted of two bedrooms and a secondary bathroom, are located on the first floor, which overlooks the patio, flying over the ground floor and generating a living room porch. The house roof starts at the ground floor level and ascends unifying both floors in a continuous and broken way, like a snail, intensifying the idea of coiling around the central patio.