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In this house, located in Jaén Cervantes building, an integral reform is carried out, demolishing all the existing partitions, tile floorings and wall and ceeling facings, to carry out a new distribution accordance to the clients requirements. The main room is the large open-plan living-dining room-kitchen, open to the large window that faces to Bernabé Soriano street.

The house will have the latest technology: underfloor heating and cooling with aerothermal energy, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, home automation, etc.

Both direct and indirect lighting will be introduced, integrating this last one in the false ceilings gaps.

In terms of materials, wood paneling on the walls has been chosen, which in some points will hide cabinets and storage shelves, and papers with light and ocher tones that will bring warmth to the home. Rectified porcelain stoneware will be used on the floors and bathroom tiles, using the large format in these last one.

The furniture is functional and with simple lines, mainly using wood and lacquers. Neutral colors and natural tones have helped us create a sense of calm and relaxation.

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