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The house is located in the boulevard area of Jaén town. The narrow sixmeter facade and enormous depth characteristic of the this area plots was a challenge for inserting light and spatiality into the house heart.

Like a puzzle, the house is inserted as the last piece to complete the street elevation, with a minimalist white facade that breaks with the compositional and charged rhythm of the surronding houses. With the aim of breaking the flatness of these facades and protecting the openings from direct sunlight in this southern orientation, a central void is created as a crack shape, where the main openings on the ground and first floors are located. Some white shutters with adjustable slats are located in the secondary openings of the facade main plane, concealing their presence in favor of the central void and also protecting them from direct sunlight. The upper underwater pool window completes the house elevation.

An open stairway is placed like a sculpture in the house center, connecting all the floors, from the open living-kitchen-dining room on the ground floor to the living area in the attic floor. The main outdoor spaces are located in the ground floor inner patio on continuity with the living area and on the attic terrace, which contains the pool and have excellent views of Santa Catalina castle. From this point a hole is generated that allows light to be channeled to the central staircase.